Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Time Flows - Your Response

This is part 2 of the previous post. I'd like the comments in that post to be about the game's themes. In the comments for this post, I'd like to hear anything else you have to say about the game. Was it interesting? Did it bore you? Is it dragging down the XBLCG channel? Do you want to see more 360 games trying to do things that are unusual and experimental?

Once again, a big thank you to anyone who took the time to play Time Flows, But Does Not Return, and an even bigger thank you to anyone who thought it was worth paying for.


  1. hi
    do you need a 2d artist?

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  3. Hi Adam,

    I'm a quite young french game designer, and I played your game tonight. And I can tell you that, from my point of view, it's totally not dragging down the XBLCG channel.

    It was a pretty good experience. I played first, then read your statement, and then played once again. Of course, first time I played I didn't "see" all the things you put into the game's intention, but I felt something close to it.

    I enjoyed discovering new activities, and was bored about the yellow X. Time, then was cruel because I wanted to complete every activities on screen and I just could'nt do it. So I decided to fill only one bar at the left and felt happy when I succeed.

    At the very beginning, I didn't understand what to do and how my actions were meaningful for the game. So I tried to use the backgtound music to play the activities in rhythm, because I like rhythm in music and games. So, my actions weren't meaningful for the game itself, but they were meaningful for me...

    Thank you for taking time making this game, I really like it and I enjoyed reading your statetement. I "choose" video games to express myself too, so we share a little something and you made the communication possible through your game.
    Thank you again.

  4. I played the game yesterday after my wife and I put all the kids to bed and I didn't have enough time to do much before I needed to head off to bed so I browsed the marketplace a bit. Your game caught my attention (more your statement on the information page before I actually downloaded the trial).

    I gave it a go but didn't quite understand it (and ironically because my time is so limited with my job, wife, 3 kids, and all the other things that take up my time I have little patience) so I put it down pretty quick. I did though take the time to read what you had to say until the trial ended and I started it over. After reading everything you had to say I couldn't agree more. I don't know how many times I've complained to my wife that I just don't have enough time to do anything. I can pick one thing out of everything I want to do and sometimes that one thing I pick ends up not entertaining me or ends up feeling like I wasted my valuable time.

    I'd have to say I love the ideology you try to convey with your game. I think it's commendable you tried to do something with deeper meaning, something that resonates more with life in general as opposed to something fantasy. I connected with the idea after reading your statement instantly and relate to those frustrations (they sometimes can be).

    I’m not a game designer so I can’t quite appreciate the amount of time I’m sure something as seemingly simple as your game takes to make. If I may, I’d like to offer suggestions to what I personally think would make a game like that even better. I think a game with that kind of connection and meaning could still get the idea across and function a bit more like a traditional game. The simplistic approach I understand was meant as a way to get the idea across and that it did (especially after reading your statement) but I think at least some narrative connected to the gameplay could have helped too in getting that message across as opposed to the gameplay and a separate statement. The two could have co-existed in-game so you would understand as you played, I think the impact would have been greater. I’m sure some picked up on the meaning by just playing the game alone, and you did state you would prefer people to play the game first before reading your statement.

    Again, I applaud you for trying something different with gaming and look forward to what you might bring to the table next time. I purchased the game as I’m a big supporter of new ideas in gaming and would like to see more game makers take an unorthodox approach to gameplay as you did. Thanks! And I hope I wasn’t too critical.

  5. Hey Adam,

    Just wanted to let you know that your game has made a big impact on my life, it really helped me get through the divorce and the loss of my kids, the simplicity of your game really showed me that we shouldn't dwell on the things we cannot control, even though the divorce wasn't my fault... cheating whore..

    Anywhoozle, just wanted to say thanks, I gotta get off here because there is a wild dragon on the loose in my neighborhood, and I gotta make sure he doesn't tear off the roof.

    Wish you all the best. Love, Sigunami Yamansaka.

  6. Hey Adam.
    I played your game last night after a long hard auto erotic asphyxiation session. And I just want to say that it touched me like nothing in my life ever has. It was truelly a precious expierence. Even later that night in bed when Tom and I were getting intimate it dawned on me that I have wasted way to much time. Then Tom rode me like a dirty cowboy but thats another story... Well pal I love what your doing and maybe a director commentary with a cute little video of you would be awesome.
    lots of love and lots of kisses
    Abara Munarala

  7. I think I read your mind or you read mine, because for sometime now I've been thinking of video games and what's to come. I was just thinking of the many varied media types that people use to get their point or idea across. I've been thinking of how so few video game take this to their advantage. Very few games can be taken seriously as a thoughtful encounter. Some that come to mind are Bioshock and Braid. Both these games have something to say that compounded on the fun of the game.

    It is great to see someone pushing forward games into a new and adventurous frontier. Being such a recent genre for expression video games have a lot of catching up to do, but I see a good future for them.

    I wholeheartedly agree with the man two posts up that in order to facilitate this type of thinking to others you need to put a little more function. I can use Braid as an example where the marriage of form and function meet perfectly. But as an experiment it was an enjoyable experience for those that are willing to put something extra into it.

    I would just like to conclude with good luck and I hope there is more that comes out of your ideas.

  8. Sorry Abara, but I don't have a camcorder. Maybe if you convince a whole bunch of people to purchase the game I might be able to get one somewhere down the line. :)

  9. I just played your game and as many of those above me, appreciate the time put into it very much. I like the general concept and ideology. The one thing is, if you plan on making games more and possibly as a profession, it is necessary to insert your message into the game play so that people can enjoy the game AND receive your message. I know this has been iterated above me, but i would like to point out something else.

    Games that are being referenced are actually very straight forward games, however this truly is not a new idea, per say, but rather a new way to do it(yours is, i mean). Halo is my game of choice, my forte. Halo's story line is not just of some super-soldier trying to save the earth from aliens. It is the acceptance of an outside "race". The working together against a greater fo. It showed that the blind following of ideas leads to one's own destruction. Army of Two(recently saw the trailer for the second) talks of conspiracy and tries to expose some of what is really going on by putting it in a fictional setting, just as many books do. Now some games, though have a message, make the gameplay revolve around something else so much that the idea is not seen by many of the members and in some cases is intended that way, as is the case in GTA series.

    My point mainly is this. There are those who are mature enough and/or intellectuals who like to seek meaning, they are the ones who would read books, watch TV and movies, that make one think. But there are also those who want to take actions for pure entertainment. When making a game, you must appeal to both crowds. It can be done, and i think if enough time is spent, you can not only appeal to both, but make your message VERY clear. That would be the challenge. I have often times thought the same line as yourself. I have different views on many things and I want to express them in games, however how can I make my views clear while making a story and experience that is enjoyable whether you see or even agree with my view?

    I don't know if this is going to help at all, but please do check your email and respond. I would like to talk to you more.

  10. the guy above pretty much said that you can still get your point across even if you make a good game...yes you did put time into it and we all respect that but you can still make the game have a point and you can make it more then just random button pushing...truthfully i hated your game...im just being honest buti think you may have potential if you put the same idea into a game more like the sims or something...

  11. this game blows!!!!!

  12. this game could get the same point across and be a little less morbid at the same time...but i did enjoy your one time play zero replay value hunk of trash

  13. The game is a bit like going to a modern art gallery without leaving your living room. The exhibit itself requires no more than a cursory glance, the description of the artwork is much more interesting.

    Personally I don't think work is that necessary. I used to be a computer programmer and spent much of my time working, earning money but with no time to spend it. I live more happily now, poor in money, but wealthy in time.

  14. the game sucks!!!!!!!!!

  15. just thought I would stop by and let you know I think you were very successful in getting your idea across in this game. Even thought at the same time it made it a little unplayable at the same time. I look forward to what you do next.

  16. Had to stop playing it after 2 min i don't like having loose controller buttons (LB and RB buttons specially) but otherwise good concept