Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Time Flows - Thematic Discussion

Time Flows, But Does Not Return is just about through peer review, so I thought I'd get a post up before it goes live in case I'm not around when it happens. I'd like to split this up into two parts, so I'll make two posts.

First, if you've taken the time to play my game, thanks! And if you thought it was good enough to warrant purchasing, thanks even more! If at all possible, I'd like comments in response to this post to be about the themes and ideas of the game. What have your experiences with these themes been? How does the game interact with those themes (if it does)? What did the game make you feel?

I'm really hoping that after people have played this game, they want to talk about it. That, more than sales figures, is what I would consider a success. So if you've played the game, and it's made you think about its themes in some way, please, share your thoughts here!

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