Tuesday, October 6, 2009

On Hold For Now

I've recently been hired by a large game developer. As cool as that is, as a condition of my employment I had to agree not to make any products which might compete with my employer. Because of that, all work for anything targetted at XBLIG is on hold for now. The contract is only temporary, and I fully expect to be getting back to work on my current project whenever circumstances allow.

I'm somewhat disappointed about this, because I really enjoy making games. On top of that, the one I'd been working on up until I got hired was starting to shape up in some really interesting ways, and I was really excited about where it was heading. It's definitely had me pretty excited, though it obviously remains to be seen how it would translate for anyone else. It combines music, narrative, and gameplay in some ways that feel really compelling to me. So as I've said, I'll definitely be returning to it, though for the time being it will have to sit on the backburner with all of the other game ideas I've got just waiting for the right time to finish them.

I'll probably still take part in the Experimental Gameplay Project during any month I come up with an interesting idea for, so for now this blog will remain active as a way to describe those. I'll also probably post a post-mortem for my last EGP prototype, because I learned a lot about good game design from it (mostly from its failures).