Monday, July 27, 2009

Great low price! Fantastic value! Bonus exclamation marks!

The price of Time Flows, But Does Not Return has been dropped from 200 MS Points to 80 (approximately $2.50 to $1) in response to the recent pricing changes on the platform. I don't know if anyone would be reading this who hasn't purchased the game, but if the $2.50 price tag seemed a bit steep to you before, now you can buy the game for just 40% of the original price! What a bargain! What a steal! Act now, because supplies are (un)limited!


  1. I really enjoyed this game a lot.. I downloaded it not really understanding what I was playing.. but it grew on me, its a great game just to relax and mellow out on. I wish I could capture the "soundtrack" and use that to wake up to in the morning.

  2. Thanks, I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it! If you e-mail me at, I can send you MP3 versions of one or both of the songs in the game if you'd like.